sliced avocado on top of whole avocados

General Topics


Introduction: A short introduction to avocados and production in California

Answers to Questions: answers to a variety of questions you might have about avocados

Dry Matter %: How to determine oil content (a measure of how ripe your avocado is)

Early history of the avocado in California: History up through the early 1900s.

Fruit Colors and Fruit Shapes: Some of the different colors found in avocados, as well as the variety of shapes.

Minimum Maturity Standard: The minimum percent dry matter avocado varieties must reach to be commercially released.

Avocado Ratios: Determining the ratio of seed, skin, and flesh.

Suggested range of nutrients for leaf analysis.

Three avocado groups. Learn about the three groups of avocados: West Indian, Guatemalan & Mexican.

Tree heights. Hass avocado tree heights as influenced by rootstock variety.

What kind of fruit is an avocado?

What's in a name? A short history of how the "avocado" got its name.

Video: Pruning Small Avocado Trees by Dr. Piet Stassen.

Video: Producing Clonal Avocados by Diane Parker



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