sliced avocado on top of whole avocados

Avocado Ratios

determining ratios

So, you want an avocado with a lot of flesh and a very small pit? One thing that is looked at when evaluating avocados is the ratio between the seed, skin, and flesh. This is done by weight as the ripe fruit is being sampled.

First the fruit is weighed, then cut open and the seed removed. The seed is weighed and information taken as to its shape and whether the flesh clings to the seed.

Next, the flesh is scouped out of the skin and sampled for flavor, texture, ripeness, and the presence of strings. After rating the ease in which the skin separated from the flesh, and measuring the thickness of the skin, it is weighed.

Subtracting the weight of the seed and skin from the total weight gives you the weight of the flesh. One can then divide each component by the total to determine the ratio of seed:skin:flesh.

A normal avocado will have between 60 - 70% flesh. An avocado with 80% flesh is unusual with the highest flesh ratios found in NN10 87%, Sir Prize 83% and Daily 11 82%.

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