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primatogena "guaslipe"

Guaslipe is the local Nicaraguan name. Named P. primatogene by L. Williams; probably not a Persea, but is Beilschmedia according to Dr. H. van der Werff, Missouri Bot. Garden. Does not appear to be graft compatible with Persea.

Propagation: this variety has not set fruit under Southern California climate conditions since being added to the related species collection in 1976. For propagation, we are trying air layering in which etiolated shoots (grown in darkness) are treated with hormones in hopes that they will root. See the steps below.

Primatogena Guaslipe

Key to the above photos:

1. Etiolation chamber. The tree was topped and the regrowth was covered with vermiculite. Black plastic was used to exclude light and the white plastic bucket was used to reflect heat.

2. Etiolated shoots. The black plastic had been opened (wind?) prior to our arrival allowing some light to enter the chamber, note to green on the taller shoots.

3. The base of the selected shoot was scraped with a sharp blade.

4. A plastic cup is placed around the shoot.

5. Rooting hormone is brushed onto the shoot in the area where it was previously scraped (in step 3).

6. Potting soil is carefully placed in the plastic cup. It will need to be kept moist during the rooting process.

7. The plastic bucket seen in photo #1 is placed back around the shoots and filled with potting soil.

8. A shade cloth is placed over the top to prevent sun damage to the etiolated shoots.

Note: Due to irrigation problems this procedure did not work this time. We are allowing the tree to regrow and will try again.


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