Avocado Flowering Basics - Figure 8

Figure 8 - Avocado Flowering Basics

The separation in time of the male and female phases has led most observers to believe that a vector or "pollinator" is needed to move pollen from one flower to another. The European honey bee is the commonly used pollinator. The data from the pollinizer project suggests that the spatial placement of pollinizers may be critical due to the foraging behavior of the honey bee since most honey bees tend to forage in a relatively small radius of 1 to 4 trees.

We have been monitoring honey bee activity on avocado during the last year and have compared the efficiency of two honey bee races (Italian and New World Carniolan). We monitored the percent of the honey bees visiting avocado flowers during the day. Figure 8. Show a honey bee visiting a male phase ‘Ettinger’ flower.

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