Avocado: Botany, Production and Uses

Avocado: Botany, Production and Uses

Edited by A W Whiley, Queensland Horticulture Institute, Australia, B Schaffer, University of Florida, USA, and B N Wolstenholme, University of Natal, South Africa

c. 500 pages Hardback 16 pages of colour plates ISBN 0 85199 357 5

Readership: Students, researchers and educators in horticulture, botany and agriculture, also growers, breeders and others involved in the avocado industry.

Over recent years avocado has become an important crop in many tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. This book is the first comprehensive volume on avocado to provide a review of research and production practices on a worldwide scale. The book is split into 14 chapters and covers all aspects of avocado production and science and includes: history, distribution and uses, taxonomy and botany, propagation, crop management, diseases and insect and mite pests, and post harvest practices. This book is written by contributors from all of the major avocado producing countries.

Contents include:

• History, distribution and uses, R J Knight, Jr
• Taxonomy and botany, R W Scora, B N Wolstenholme and U Lavi
• Genetics and classical breeding, E Lahav and U Lavi
• Ecology: climate and the edaphic environment, B N Wolstenholme
• Reproductive biology, S Gazit and C Degani
• Environmental physiology, B Schaffer and A W Whiley
• Cultivars and rootstocks, S D E Newett, J H Crane and C F Balerdi
• Propagation, G S Bender and A W Whiley
• Biotechnology, F Pliego-Alfaro, Witjaksono, A Barcelo-Munoz, R E Litz and U Lavi
• Crop management, A W Whiley
• Irrigation and mineral nutrition, E Lahav and A W Whiley
• Foliar, fruit and soilborne diseases, K G Pegg, L M Coates, L Korsten and R M Harding
• Insect and mite pests, G K Waite and R Martinez Barrera
• Harvesting, packing, postharvest technology, transport and processing, P J Hofman, Y Fuchs and DL Milne

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